R3Vision’ is an exhibition and screening at Mars Gallery co-curated by Brie Trenerry and Hiball showcasing works from Australian artists and designers engaging with fashion film
and digital presentation in unique technologically motivated forms. Fashion film as an artistic and commercial practice
has undergone a rapid evolution in a short period of time, from the process oriented SHOWStudio developed by Nick Knight to mainstream acceptance online and in bricks and mortar venues.

Physical limitations imposed by COVID-19 lockdowns have accelerated artistic and commercial digital innovation and experimentation in the fashion industry. New collaborative ventures at the intersection of art, film and fashion have evolved, as practitioners engage with novel virtual tools in the creation of moving images both for and beyond traditional screens.

The works selected for ‘R3Vision’ include fashion films and interactive experiences that utilise advanced media modalities including animation, AR, VR and photogrammetry. These are viewable in the basement space, and interactive works will be experienced through personal devices via QR code (or similar) scans.

This video work was presented as part of R3Vision


Caught in a neoliberal stasis, two freelancers work deep beneath the earth; refreshing tabs, sending emails, waiting for video conferences to begin. Time layered upon each other, trying to decide the right WFH outfit.